Garage Services

Tyres: Here at MAS we can supply, fit & Balance tyres up to 20″. We can order you in any brand or size of Tyres with 24 hours notice. Please call us on 01270 500479 for a price and availability. Whether you need a budget tyre to get you by or a branded Big name set of 4 we can help.

Restoration: At MAS we can take on your restoration projects. Whether you need a small scale Restoration or a full scale Original spec underside Restoration we can help. We can Repair Underside damage, Create Original Factory Finishes, Arrange Powder coating, Zinc Plating, the list goes on and on and on. Why not call us for a chat on 01270 500479 about your project, we would be only to happy to have a chat with you about your plans for your car.

Servicing: We have a full workshop facility here at MAS that enables us to carry out Service and Maintenance work. Whether you want to use Genuine Manufacturer Parts or Non Genuine Parts, here at MAS we can help. Call us today on 01270 500479 for a quote and availability.

Repairs: Every now and then when you least expect it things can break. We can fix or repair most things here at MAS and we are rarely beaten! We can supply Genuine Manufacturer Parts or Non Genuine Parts that help you get back moving again as quickly as possible. If you need us call us on 01270 500479.

Engine Builds: Here at MAS Engine Builds are one of our specialities, We can build you your engine back to its Original Manufacturer Specification or we can build you a big BHP Monster engine. Whatever you need MAS can do it. We have recently invested heavily in a custom engine build room where every single engine is born and built with Tender Loving Care. We are more than happy to discuss your engine Builds with you, call us on 01270 500479.
Tuning: If you want to try and get the most from your car whether that be a power increase, Improved Handling, or Fuel Efficiency and Economy with a remap we can help! We have Relationships with some of the biggest Performance parts companies in the UK & Europe. We can supply to your door or supply and fit your parts here in our workshop. We can also provide drive in ECU remaps which would need booking in with 48 hours notice. Whatever your requirement we can help! Call us on 01270 500479.