Modified Car Crewe

To make the loading and stowing of scooter or wheelchair in your car as hassle-free as possible, a car modification might be needed. Aside from that, there other reasons why a car modification is necessary, such as upgrading its performance, improving its aesthetics, and other specialized purposes. With skilled technician’s help, modifying your car to match your lifestyle is so easy to achieve.   At Mas Tuning, you can rely on our expert technicians to perform the car modification that suits your needs. We are a reputable car tuning garage that offers top-quality services for car owners in Crewe and surrounding areas. All you have to do is sit back and relax while waiting for your modified car that reflects your lifestyle and driving preferences. Your car modification journey is guaranteed to be smooth, hassle-free, and cost-effective with the help of our specialists.  Car Modification Specialists in Crewe  Mas Tuning is one of the leading car servicing and vehicle parts providers in the UK. We have been in the for many years. We have helped thousands of residents and businesses in keeping their vehicles in top condition. We provide repairs, maintenance, and tuning for any make and model of cars. We have a modern and well-equipped workshop where we perform all types of car works.  Our car modification specialists can help you achieve the car modification of your dreams, whether you are looking to upgrade your car’s performance and sound, modify the wheels and suspension or change the entire color. We will be working closely with you to ensure that we achieve your desired results. Our specialists will also give honest and reliable advice when choosing the products needed for the modification.   Aside from car modifications, Mas Tuning also offers various garage services such as engine repairs and builds, small or fullscale car restoration, and tyre replacement. We partner with some of the biggest performance parts manufacturers in the UK and Europe, so we can supply you with almost anything that your car needs. You can choose to deliver the car parts right at your door or have them fitted in our workshop.  For all your car modification questions and other enquiries, you may contact 01270 500479 or email Our knowledgeable staff will be more than glad to answer your queries and booking requests. You may also visit our workshop at Unit 3, The Old Cattle MarketGresty Road, CreweCheshireCW2 6EQ